The wedding day of Enrico and Micaela

Posted in Random Fluff by margreet

The whole Peach team wishes Enrico and Micaela all the best for today,

because they are getting married!

Have a beautiful day and of course lot’s of love for the future.

Congratulazioni, tutta la fortuna per il futuro!

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  1. Pitel Writes:

    I hope they won’t “multiply” like bunnies does ;)

  2. leo Writes:

    Viva gli sposi!

  3. Dusty Writes:

    Best wishes from me and mine! :)

  4. the wedding day of Enrico and Micaela | Wedding Tips Today Writes:

    [...] mslo1 wrote an interesting post today onHere’s a quick excerptThe whole Peach team wishes Enrico and Micaela all the best for today, because they are getting married! Have a beautiful day and of course lot’s of love for the future. Congratulazioni, tutta la fortuna per il futuro! [...]

  5. Cathy & India Writes:

    With love & best wishes!! Cathy & India xx

  6. DingTo Writes:

    The best wishes for your future. Enjoy today!

  7. ms Writes:

    Best wishs.
    Cake looks beautiful!


  8. Writes:

    Congratulations Enrico and Micaela.


  9. Writes:

    Congratulations Enrico and Micaela.


  10. Sephiroth the Bimbo Master Writes:

    Best wishes to both of you from mexico

  11. Kim Writes:

    We would also like to extend our sincere best wishes to Enrico and Micaela. May you have many many “hoppy” years together.

    Kim, Carli & Jasmine

  12. Jan Morgenstern Writes:

    Congratulations Enrico & Micaela! Best wishes for your future!

  13. macouno Writes:

    Congratulations Enrico! And where’s my piece of cake?

  14. Josh Writes:

    Good idea getting married on the first day of Summer! It is the longest day of the year! You can spend every second of daylight from the moment the sun rises to the moment the sun sets remembering the joy you share on this day! Best wishes!

  15. MArco Writes:

    Grande !!! Complimenti :)

  16. MrNoodle Writes:

    Live happily!

  17. Bagheera JH Ding Writes:

    Best Wishes from Beijing China.

  18. chuzzy Writes:

    Congratulations, the both of you :]

  19. Christian Lehmann Writes:

    All the best !

  20. bullx Writes:

    grande maestro, tantissimi auguri!!!

  21. EnV Writes:

    To everybody for wishes and congrats and to Margreet for posting this on the Peach blog: thanks a lot from me and Micaela. :)

  22. Martino Writes:

    Auguri Enrico!
    Ti stimiamo moltissimo per l’ottimo lavoro ed esempio che ci dai.
    Da parte di tutti i giovani di qua ti auguriamo tanta felicità!

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