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An article about Blender and the making of BBB of 8 pages has been printed in the June issue of Linux Pro Italian magazine, with short (boxes) interviews with Enrico, Sacha and Andy.

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  1. Felix Kütt Writes:

    sweet! i want that mag now. :)

  2. blenderman345 Writes:

    poor me not in english!

  3. LuigiT Writes:

    NOT English, but italian!
    Very good :-)

    There is already enough material in English ..


  4. Linux Pro Italian magazine Writes:

    [...] Go to the author’s original blog: Linux Pro Italian magazine [...]

  5. Setup Writes:

    Yea great new !!

    Where can we find it ?

  6. DramaKing Writes:

    I think you click on the link.

  7. Jepessen Writes:

    I’m an Italian fan of BBB, and I’ve the magazine. The article is really great!!!

  8. dave hopkins Writes:


  9. dave hopkins Writes:

    Is this magazine available for home delivery?

  10. dave hopkins Writes:

    Is this agizine available for home delivery

  11. dave hopkins Writes:

    loking forward to reading your opinions

  12. Christian Louboutin Writes:


  13. Julieta Mouzon Writes:


    [...]it can be information i will employ always be making time for you to examine your own[...]…

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