Complete Score Available for Download

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Wheee, my first blog post. Sorry that I’m late to the party :) The complete score is now online for your listening pleasure. It consists of 10 tracks, including the bits I did for the DVD menus, and is available both in MP3 and high-quality Ogg Vorbis formats. Grab it while it’s hot:

MP3, ~192 kbps VBR, 16.2 MB ZIP

Ogg Vorbis, ~224 kbps, 17.8 MB ZIP

The isolated score is distributed under the terms of the Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-NoDerivativeWorks 3.0 license. Thanks to Andy for the neat cover image. Enjoy!

71 Responses

  1. Dusty Writes:

    Yeah! Glad to get this! THANK YOU! AND GREAT WORK!!!

  2. Patrick Patience Writes:

    Awesome! Been waiting for this! You did absolutely fantastic on this, thanks!

  3. James Writes:

    NICE!! totally awesome. and under Creative Commons! you rock thank you!

  4. TuKe Writes:

    Jan, I’m not sure if it was explained before, if you haven’t yet, what tools did you use for your work? (Gigastudio, hardware, samplers, sequencer/mixer software, hardware/software FX’s, instruments collection, etc.)

    (if you already talked about it, can you post the link?)

    Thanks!. Love the score when Big Buck prepares the traps, some parts are thrilling.

  5. NetHunter Writes:

    Thanks a lot for this great score. It’s among the best animation scores I’ve ever heard.

  6. Baum Writes:

    Thank you very much!

    Really good music.

  7. madman Writes:

    I put the Ogg files in my personal site:


    I can’t donwload the .mp3 files.

  8. madman Writes:

    Well here is the link to MP3 files on my website:

  9. Max Writes:

    Do you have the score in a pdf that you would be willing to put online as well?


  10. Max Writes:

    Do you have the score in a pdf that you would be willing to put online?


  11. Mark Keller Writes:

    Yes, it would be incredible if we could see the sheet music, too! Then this movie would be about as open as it can possibly get. :-)

  12. rogper Writes:

    Envy :P
    Like they say the soundtrack is half of a movie and you made your part perfectely, it feels truly cinematic! I’ve liked the Elephants Dream soundtrack, this one I love ;)
    Thanks for charing it!

  13. red Writes:

    Damn. Another great soundtrack by master jan! I think I liked ED a bit more than this one. But nevertheless both are great…

  14. DingTo Writes:

    Hey Jan,
    i really love the music. It is absoulutely awesome!
    You gave this films his voice. Awesome.

    Super Musik, das ganze ist ein wahres Meisterwerk. Die ganzen Variationen und Rhythmen sind super.
    Wenn ich an Blender denke, dann denke ich gleich auch an Jan Morgenstern. Man sagt ja immer dass, die Musik einen sehr großen Teil eines Films ausmacht. Und das stimmt auch: BBB ist genial, mit deiner Musik aber perfekt.

    Mach weiter so! Die nächsten OpenMovies kommen.

  15. Tomas Valusek Writes:

    Will there be lossless version (e.g. FLAC) available?

  16. Writes:

    Been waiting for this.. Thank you Jan, you are an awesome composer and artist.

    - Satish

  17. Sergeant Oreo Writes:

    Thanks Jan,

    I’ll look forward to listening to this music.

  18. Adam Writes:

    I sadly attempted to download those flac ones at xiph a few days ago and it doesn’t work for some reason.. it was really disappointing especially because they actually downloaded, but then had a bunch of really loud white noise which scared me, and then made me sad.. :( … but now its finally here and just finished downloading so im gonna go listen to it (in ogg of course in respect to the open source community)… I do want it in FLAC though so ill check often for it to happen.

  19. Setup Writes:

    Really nice music!
    Thanks Jan!!

  20. Felix Kütt Writes:

    mmh.. love it! wish it would have been on the dvd. :)

  21. Egan Writes:

    I second the request for some sheet music!

    This is some really excellent music, Jan. And to think that this is all electronic!

  22. Zaffo Writes:

    Thank you very much for the music. Nice. Vorbis. Only thing is that I have to use my very bad quality headphones at this hour (Netherlands).

  23. Mike Writes:


    Fantastic job !

    The quality of the music makes me wonder why Pixar ..and presumably other studios still use live orchestras.

    For this particular style of music, I can’t see how “live” musicians could do a better job. (Yes I know that YOU are live :)


  24. Anonymous Writes:

    Why the NoDerivativeWorks license?

  25. Pablo Vazquez Writes:


    /me opens player, plays.. loud.

  26. Dion Moult Writes:

    ….aaaaand added to my playlist!

  27. Zethkill Writes:

    @Anonymous [Why the NoDerivativeWorks license?]

    The autor answered it when he released Elephants Dream’s Score.

    “Regarding the “NoDerivs” part, well, that one is more difficult, and I actually don’t feel particularly comfortable about it. I love creative remixes, but I had some bad experience in the past, with parts of my music appearing in rather offensive material. I actually opted for a NoDerivs license when I learned that every part of a CC license can be waived upon permission of the author, so I strongly encourage anyone who has intentions to do anything fun and creative with the stuff to get in contact with me.”

    Link: http://orange.blender.org/blog/complete-score-available-for-download
    Comment 30

  28. jacques Writes:

    Jan, I loved your music on this movie! THanks a lot, the movie is so much better for it! Bravo!

  29. Bastiaan Writes:

    I’m curious: why is the score licensed differently from the movie? I wonder because — at least to my lay eyes, the score and the audio as used in the movie are identical (barring the extras from the score). So if someone extracted the audio from the movie itself, they would have music that’s almost identical to the score, but under a more liberal license.

    Note that I’m not saying you _should_ license the score differently; I’m just curious about the difference.

  30. Jan Morgenstern Writes:

    Hey everyone, thanks for the kind comments (und dankeschön, DingTo :)

    TuKe: There’s a list of my tools on my website (http://www.wavemage.com/studio-en.html).

    Unfortunately, a sheet music release is unlikely. The score only exists as a bunch of illegible draft scribbles and in the computer, and it would take me a massive amount of engraving work to bring it into a shape that’d allow it to be performed by an actual orchestra.

    As for the NoDerivs part, yeah, I encourage anyone who plans to do interesting things with the score to get in contact with me.

  31. Vincent Writes:

    @Zethkill - thanks for the heads up!

    @Jan - great! And, of course, thank you for the excellent music :)

  32. Max Writes:

    @Jan - The reason I was looking for the score in PDF was just to study (I’m a music composition student), so I would be find with some .mus/.sib/.ly scraps. However, I completely understand you not posting them (I wouldn’t want to post any of my unprepared scores online!)

  33. Mario Writes:

    I love the music. It really pushes the movie’s quality. The main theme (first introduced in “Death becomes fur”) is wonderful. How great would it be to hear a live orchestrated version of this.

  34. kringel Writes:

    the score is really great!! i like this whole “summer” atmosphere of BBB and the soundtrack is cinematic/thrilling (like said before) and additional has this strong feel-good-mood (for me). thanks a lot! i really should an alarm clock which can play audio files. the parts when bunny prepares the traps or so to say the main theme in the credits would be perfect to get up in the morning. :-)

  35. stijn Writes:

    Is there a way to get a normal sized version of the cd cover artwork?

    kind regards!

    ps. I SHOULD really say i admire your work guys, SOOOOO much respect. I love this and your work!

  36. Zethkill Writes:


    Waiting for lossless files. :D


  37. Radon Writes:

    I’ve cut down Death Becomes Fur from 0:13 to 0:40 and use it as my mobile phone ringtone :)

    Absolutely love BBB!

  38. RNS Writes:

    I love the Trailer music and all.
    Sad to see these talented artist gone their own way.
    maybe some day they work together again.


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    [...] [...]

  41. GlobeReacher Writes:

    That is some sweet music! Would you be willing to post details on your software and workflow, etc.? Does anyone here second that request?

  42. proog Writes:

    Finally! I’ve been dying to get this!

  43. asdad Writes:

    NoDerivativeWorks license makes it not free. I really don’t like it. I think BBB shouln’t use this music if it’s not fully free. Right now someone could change and mix every peace of BBB but NOT the music. And there is no source/score/mid either. :( Very sad.

  44. STaRMaN Writes:

    Thanks a lot :)

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  46. Onkar Writes:


    I think you understood it wrong. The isolated music is under NC-ND license. The music that is already part of BBB has same license as BBB. So you can change every piece of BBB.

  47. STaRMaN Writes:

    I tryed to download the score, but download failed always, don’t start… other link? Thanks.

  48. Chris Writes:


    http://www.wavemage.com/music-en.html worked for me. Hope that helps!

  49. origin of music Writes:

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  50. EricL Writes:

    I thought it was so cool when I heard the sort of bouncy, comedic theme from the trailer turn into the major heroic theme. I went a bit nuts the first time I heard it. The theme as it’s heard in “Death Becomes Fur” has an incredible energy to it. Beyond just being a very cool heroic theme, it has a sense of empowerment that fits right in with the rabbit taking the situation into his own hands. I still get a surge when I hear it. If I were to do any kind of “derivative work”, it’d be to create a longer arrangment of some of these themes.

  51. STaRMaN Writes:

    @Chris: Worked. Thanks. :)

  52. TBOL3 Writes:

    Really awesome music. However, one thing I don’t get. If you know what you’re doing, you could just take the music from the movie, and do whatever you wanted with that (under CC-by), so why put it under cc-by-nc-nd?

  53. jingangel Writes:

    I very like this! Thanks!

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  55. Occulus Writes:

    @Jan and Max: it occurs to me that Finale may be the answer to the raw data concern. It’s a pretty powerful piece of software, and I’m thinking someone reasonably well-versed in it might be able to create sheet music with it from what’s already there.

    Fantastic score, in any case.

  56. Mangas Writes:


    You did GREAT JOB!!!!

  57. Mangas Writes:

    Oh! I forgot! I have a question. Can I put this score on my personal website? Is it legal?

  58. jens Writes:

    What a brilliant, utterly brilliant sound track!

  59. jigsaw Writes:

    Amazing , blender is a powerful 3d software, great movie keep going
    thank you

  60. Noahboa Writes:

    Thanks for doing great music for both of the Open Movies!


  61. Actualité Blender #1 Juin 2008 Writes:

    [...] Morgenstern met à disposition la bande originale de Big Buck Bunny. Les 10 pistes sont distribuées sous licence Creative Common [...]

  62. Zoltan Petrasovits Writes:

    I made it on-line available one. Wonderful story! Real affection!

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